If you prefer to skip the on-line process to become a member or renew your membership, you may send a check to:

  • The Rehearsal Club
  • c/o Mancini - Suite 934
  • 2350 Broadway
  • New York, NY 10024

Please enclose a contact email so we can get in touch with you with the application.


Members are welcome with completion of a TRC application, annual dues of $35 and approval by the board of directors. Benefits include news and notices, reduced prices on workshops, tickets and boutique items. Great satisfaction too.

Former Residents:

Please complete the application and submit with your annual dues of $25. Benefits include free workshops, reduced tickets prices and boutique items. Welcome home sister!

New Residents:

New residents at the Webster site are required to become members of TRC for all benefits.

Volunteer Opportunities:

TRC welcomes individuals who wish to be involved with in-kind service for many of our programs.

Corporate Sponsorships:

Sponsorship of TRC programs and events provides an extraordinary opportunity to get involved for recognition and visibility. Recognition varies based on the project and the amount and type of sponsorship.

Endowment Gifts:

An endowed gift is a gift that TRC holds in perpetuity. Many of our donors realize that TRC's mission and strength in the future depends on building a foundation through endowments today.

Planned Giving:

Although all gifts are planned in one way or another, the term “planned giving” generally refers to the process of arranging for a gift that TRC will receive in the future or at the donor’s death. or making a gift to TRC now while retaining an interest in the donated property. Planned giving can help donors leave a legacy at TRC they never thought possible.

Matching Gifts:

Many companies provide matching gifts for their employees as part of their employee benefit packages. If you plan to make a gift, check with your employer and your gift may be doubled through a matching gift program.

Naming Opportunities:

TRC/Webster housing program allows for naming rooms in a designated name(s) by a major donor. Please check with the director for more information.