Enter the  Legendary Rehearsal Club

Welcome to a world gone by, but one which lives on in the hearts of the many women who were lucky enough to walk up these stairs.  

As you stroll through our site, you will discover more about the unique women who lived there:  who we were then, who we are now and where we are headed. 
 In 2006, when Rehearsal Club alum,  Kathleen Conry was commissioned to direct Stage Door, she put out a letter in Equity News and invited a handful of fellow alumni to tea.  Today, those women have grown in numbers, and stars like Carol Burnett Blythe Danner and Kim Cattrall  have stepped up in support of our many creative projects designed to fulfill our mission:

"Dedicated to telling the story of The Rehearsal Club, to preserving its legacy and inspiring future generations of aspiring young artists." 
The spirit that brought these women to New York with nothing in their pockets but a dream is the same spirit that has now inspired:

1.  Our new musical, " Good Girls Only; "
2.  Our new book, tentatively titled " Cinderellas of West 53rd Street; "
3.  A completed trailer for our potential  documentary
4.  Four days of landmark  Centennial Events plus our 105th celebration in NYC; and
5.  Our ultimate dream of re-creating our supportive (and subsidized) community for aspiring artists in the greatest city in the world. 

To that end, we have now created an alliance with The Webster Apartments, also created in the early 1900's for young professional women.  Unlike the Rehearsal Club which was demolished in 1979, the Webster Apartments were saved, renovated and continue to serve 300 young women in its beautiful home on West 34th Street.   Use the discount code: RC10Off to receive 10% off. 

Learn more about the above projects , our history , our  Officers  and  Steering Committee , our Regional Reps and all the  individual women  of the RC.

We invite YOU to s ign up as a friend to follow our journey.

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Special thank you to Graphic Designer and RC Alum, Terry Baughan , who has branded all our products over the years with her distinct cartoon logos.  Click on the cards to the left for more . . . 
We strive to be your hub for help

The Rehearsal Club was more than an affordable safe haven.  It was a community of like-minded, supportive women who seek to "inspire the next generation" - you! 

Active Union members, star alums archived at The Paley, historical roots at the Little Church Around the Corner and many, many more tentacles of support and creativity to whom all our women are forever grateful. 
RC Key Winner(s), productions of Stage Door and other ways we support and honor the next generation.

 ​​"I hope there will someday be a place like the Rehearsal Club again!"
Betty Lynn, "Thelma Lou" Andy Griffith Show