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June 20, 22 & 23
in Winter Park, Florida.
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New Musical Festival.
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An online platform to document and
represent performers' careers

As a group, we have now been invited to participate with the Actors Fund's Legacy Project under The Rehearsal Club umbrella!  RC Alum Virginia Wing has already participated by creating her own page (to view, click here ). We are talking with The Actor's Fund to set up our own page next week.

We invite you to check out Virginia's page and consider creating your own either under the Rehearsal Club's GROUP section; or, independently. In either scenario, it's a chance to permanently document your theatrical career in the arts.

For more information, contact Kathy Conry

as "Marilyn" in Ripcord
at Vienna Theater Company

"Ripcord offer belly laughs, biting dialogue" Sun Gazette, 4/22/19

See review here .


CHERYL STEINTHAL , a retired Rockette, is the Artistic Director/Choreographer of The New Flordia Follies, a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping Children-in-Need. All profits are donated to children's charities in the South Florida area.   

You can also get more information and tickets by calling:  (305) 596-7394.


We don't have that much information at this time, but we do know Bonnie's interview will stream after April 10 on the Blissfully Better website. 
Bonnie Boroian
March 26, 2019

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See Bonnie's note:

"Proud to announce that Blissfully Better's Coconut Thins are a 2018 finalist in the NEXTY awards, the Tony Awards of the natural products industry!  We are also now certified as a Women Owned Business.

Thanks to Bebe Neuwirth, who was kind enough to share her Blissfully Better bar that she got in her goody bag at the recent 105th Anniversary Celebration with her husband, our five bars are now sold at his fabulous coffee shop - Gotham Coffee Roasters (23 West 19th Street, NYC)! 

Great things come from sharing."

Read about Bonnie and her company,
Blissfully Better, 


as "Cora" in VENUS RISING
January 30 - February 17, 2019
Northern Stage

White River Junction, VT

Findlay is a firecracker, even when confined to a recliner.  When she's let loose to enjoy her romance with Windslow, Findlay shows the kind of gusto that turns aging gracefully into love of life.  She whirls about the kitchen, baking muffins and keeping Julie in line with sharp remarks, all with a grin that lights up her face. Findlay nearly rescues the play by showing Cora's ability to find that smile again, without taking joy for granted.

VT's Independent Voice by Alex Brown


Betty Galvano, Florida
and her son,
Republican Party President
BETTY GALVANO has been a Red Cross Volunteer for the past 20 years so you know she was (and still is) in the thick of things in the hurricane aftermath.  She's been dubbed "The Hugger."  Many of the victims are poor and Spanish-speaking, but a hug says "I care" and "I love you" in any language.

Galvano Construction, run by her son, Richard, is currently busy rebuilding.  Meanwhile, her other son, Bill Galvano, formerly Majority Leader, is now President Elect of the Republican Party.  Interviewed in 2017, he tributes his mother with inspiring his current political path. Read more here . . .

Prior to the hurricanes, Betty reports that the RC is "very popular" all over Florida after the article featuring her early New York career and the Rehearsal Club was picked up by the media from Miami to Orlando.

Excerpt from article by Lindsay Downey:

". . . Galvano, a grandmother of eight, says none of it -- the accidental modeling career, the acting and commercial gigs and her marriage to the late pro golfer and TV host Phil Galvano -- would have been possible if it hadn't been for a four-floor brownstone on West 53rd Street in New York City."

Visit our Merchandise page for the books her daughter wrote and the Betty Galvano page for the rest of her family ventures.
May 2013
Published on - Johanna Brewer
"Aspiring actresses found comfort and camaraderie in the big city -- and a little help from Carol Burnett."
by Johanna Kelly
Full article here

2011 - Johanna was  also interviewed by the Star Democrat regarding the history of The Rehearsal Club, the search for our "Lost Sisters" and her career.