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​Women of Grit, Wit and continued Creativity!

by Cinderella Writer, Lenka Peterson
Spouse to Alice Middleton, & champion to all our alums.  His legacy lives on with several books.
Denise Pence is representing writings from her mom - Heaven Scent is a trilogy including Phantom Sleuth.
by Cinderella Writer,
Betty Galvano
by Cinderella Writer,
Charla Hayan
Bonnie Boroian, daughter to RC alum Jane Wintz, has her own business.
by Kathy Minicozzi
by Cinderella Writer,
Lani Barovick
by Cinderella Writer,
Gale Patron's husband, Glenn
Beneath the Laughter
by Victoria Jolson,
Check out  this
by Olyve Abbott

Taking Pre-orders on black & white baseball jerseys

Rehearsal Club Creations
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RC Key
Designed by
Amy Ragsdale,
inspired by Terry Baughan
Open the door of opportunity!
Available with a tax-deductible donation to
NYWIFT in support of the documentary.   
RC Notecards
Designed by Terry Baughan
8 cards for $12 (plus $6 shipping)
(Up to 3 boxes per shipping charge)

Created by Alum, Charla Hayan
Each icon reflects our history and each writer's memoir in our yet unpublished manuscript ; (by-hand color highlighted & signed)
Oversized: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
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Limited # of black caps available
$20 Donation to the RC 
Bracelets by Judith Curcio

Connecting the Generations
Jan Halpern is a Casting Director and animal rescue activist, daughter of Steering Committee alum, Sunny Keyser .  Each year, Jan creates this hunky calendar to benefit animal shelters.
Amy Ragsdale, daughter of the late Marion Ragsdale, is a jewelry designer.
Both books by Liz Galvano, daughter of Betty Biggers Galvano.  Click on either book to buy.