Melanie Mayron

From those humble beginnings in New York City while living at The Rehearsal Club, MELANIE MAYRON has enjoyed much success as an actress in film, television, and has even added “directing” to her creative path. Starting with two episodes of ​thirtysomething, she found herself continuously working. 
Some directors get type cast, but her directing career has pretty much covered all genres. In episodic television she has done teen shows, cop/action/procedural shows, half hour comedy, single camera comedy for HBO, hour long dramedy, as well as intense character driven dramas. In film she has made three features and several movies for television.  She has done music videos and commercials. She pretty much has had a hand at a bit of it all.

As long as she has a camera or two, and an actor or two, the sky is the limit. Her creative process is intuitive, yet backed with craft.  And the results she tries to achieve are moments captured, that move us, make us swallow a lump in our throats, or make us cry with laughter. When guided by a light touch, an emotional underbelly, and experience, the results can be… well, why we go to the movies, and turn on our televisions.


In between performing and directing, MELANIE MAYRON also managed to create a company with quite a few awesome products which she hopes you'll enjoy (click on the logo to access her site).