Francine Mancini
RC 1974 - 1975 ​​
Francine is a singer/ songwriter, actress and writer. She is currently a lead singer in the cover band “Girls On Top”. As an actress she has recently appeared in the films Papi's Promise and The Right to Live which also featured her songs "Thank You" and "Crossroads" in the score. Francine has worked with several bands and was a longtime member of The NYC Interdenominational Gospel Choir; she has shared the stage with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Peter Allen and Beatlemania to name a few. Francine also was the artistic director of Lace Productions, a theatre group producing shows by and about women.
Francine has written a Rock Musical No U-Turns A.D.  which tells the experience of women of a “certain age” going through divorce. No U-Turns was performed at The Triad Cabaret and is  currently looking for producers to keep it alive. Her album No U-Turns A. D. can be found on         iTunes, Amazon among others and can be heard at:

Francine also is a photographer; her work can be viewed at:

Francine continues performing and writing whenever possible.
Contact info: [email protected]